Flexible energy storage solutions for industry and commerce

Our Industry Series energy storage products offer your company or business decisive advantages over comparable products on the market.
Our storage solutions are based on our modular EnergyCube battery system and can therefore be flexibly scaled.
The EnergyCube is a fully-fledged battery that also works outside of the systems thanks to its integrated electronics.
All relevant data is recorded, bundled and communicated externally. This means that the memory can also be serviced externally.
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The Industry Series from Unicorn Energy offers you the option of using the energy storage device as an emergency power supply.

Thanks to the patented system, individual EnergyCubes can be reserved for emergencies and only step in if there is a power failure.

In this way you protect your machines, servers or heating systems and ensure a seamless power supply for your company.

Freely scalable

Due to the modular structure of our energy storage solutions, it is possible to freely configure the storage size and adapt it perfectly to your needs.

The smallest unit of our systems is an EnergyCube 850 with a maximum of 850 Wh capacity. In this way, up to 68 kWh can be achieved per cabinet module.

For even larger storage solutions, the number of cabinet modules can be expanded to the desired size.

Housing up to IP54

The housings of the Industry Series are available in a wide variety of designs. The particularly resistant IP54 housing can be used especially for locations with a high level of dust exposure.

The power electronics used can be accommodated in the same closed housing as required, thus enabling one

All-in-one solution.

This gives you maximum flexibility and allows you to change the installation location of your energy storage system at a later date without much effort.

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