Benefit from the modularity of our battery system.

Our storage solutions are self-contained systems that can be integrated into a large number of applications without a high level of development effort. All that is required is an interface between the application and the battery.

The EnergyAdapter makes the connections of the battery connector accessible for an application and ensures communication between the application and the battery.

We offer the possibility to supply applications with energy without a lot of effort and enable our customers to use a variety of applications with EnergyCubes® in the future.


Our interface to the EnergyCube battery system


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Modular system

The integration of our battery system in applications and products is very easy thanks to our system concept.

In this way, you can also operate your products with the EnergyCube battery system without major development effort.

The EnergyAdapter serves as a fully developed interface.

Communication to the application

The individual batteries communicate all relevant data to the EnergyAdapter via NFC. This serves our battery system as an interface to the application and can forward the data to the application via the CAN bus.

The CAN bus used is an industry standard, which makes hardware and software integration easy.

Depending on your needs, the state of charge of the individual EnergyCubes, the temperature or the current and voltage of your application can be called up.

Powerful 850 Wh

The EnergyCube 850s, based on lithium iron phosphate cells, has a high power density of 850 Wh. A peak power of over 1000 W can be delivered to the consumer for each EnergyCube. Depending on requirements, one or more EnergyCubes can also supply high-performance applications.

The cells used are excellent at handling high temperatures and are particularly durable. The EnergyCube battery system can also be integrated into very special product groups.

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